Work Packages

The AHA project consists of six work packages (WPs).

WP1: Management

Lead: Assoc. Prof. Eleni Mangina (Coordinator) and Na Li (Project Manager), NUID UCD

In order to achieve the desired level of effectiveness, the project coordinator team, under Assoc. Prof. Eleni Mangina, will operate to best international practice and building on her experience of the management of interdisciplinary projects.

The structure of the management system will involve the integration of effort between all partners. The coordinator will provide the necessary infrastructure and personnel, principally the project manager, to administer, coordinate and manage the project within the management structure and procedures. All partners have effort allocated for general project management activities and for preparing the required administrative and financial reports over the life of the project.

WP2: Stakeholder Engagement

Lead: Ken Kilbride, HADD Ireland

HADD Ireland will lead WP2 and focus on the strategy for stakeholder engagement during the project and especially the evaluation phase of AHA digital solution.

This work package will deliver a design for the AHA digital system and ensure it satisfies the requirements regarding the teaching and learning needs from the ADHD students, their parents and teachers. This will create a report processing of the information about human users involved int eh solution provided by the project. This WP will drive the direction of the other WPs and employ communication plan with the stakeholders.

WP3: AR Content Development

Lead: David Ross and Rita Treacy, WordsWorthLearning

WordsWorthLearning is an online literacy programme that is proven to resolve reading and spelling problems like dyslexia, along with additional improvements in comprehension, vocabulary and memory. The concept behind this work package is to create an environment of literacy material based on three dimensional augmented object reconstructions. These reconstructions are seen by the project team as providing a way to engage the ADHD learners in the skills of literacy in constructive and visual manner. Augmented Reality is a powerful tool for the visual pedagogy, as the functional meaning of any term accurately translated through an actual understanding of an augmented object in the learning space.

WP4: System Integration

Lead: Assoc. Prof. Eleni Mangina, NUID UCD

This work package will work along with WPs 2,3,5 and 6 to devise, create, harmonise and implement the components developed within the AHA project, assuring the global integration with existing developed projects. It will deliver the AHA platform design, including the infrastructure systems, i.e. the infrastructure layout (data archiving); the overall integration into the AHA framework, including communication among the different tools (defining API services, data exchange); and the system infrastructure documentation. The design and implementation of the environment will be based on the specifications identified in WP2. In order to deliver the final AHA platform, this work will be harmonised with WP3 and WP5.

WP5: AHA Evaluation

Lead: Giuseppe Chiazzese, CNR ITD

CNR ITD has extensive experience on the development of digital toolkits (WHAAM) for monitoring ADHD student’ behaviour. The WHAAM project will be facilitating as a medium to collect the information related to the effect AHA project has to the ADHD behaviour and learning skills. CNR ITD will work closely with SmartLab and the rest of the consortium partners for the AHA evaluation within this WP.

This work package will validate AHA through the development of augmented educational solution via the WordsWorthLearning and evaluating its efficacy in achieving the projected learning outcomes. Concentrating on the stakeholders through schools in Ireland, identified from HADD Ireland, WP5 will evaluate AHA. The criteria will include: user requirements and user cases; performance; feasibility of the architecture and implementation approach; and “fitness-for-purpose” in relation to the decision making processes implicated in the pedagogical approach.

WP6: Dissemination, Exploitation and Usage

Lead: Assoc. Prof. Eleni Mangina, NUID UCD

NUID UCD will lead this WP, with close collaboration with the rest of the partners. With extensive experience in relevant projects in assistive technology UCD SmartLab will lead the exploitation, dissemination and usage of AHA project and its outputs in both the public and private sector.

This work package, together with WP2, will seek to leverage the network of HADD Ireland partner as a springboard for exploitation of the AHA project outcomes. In the process of researching and developing possibilities for a comprehensive implementation and application of augmented reality technologies, we anticipate uncovering multiple opportunities for related economic activity. WP6 will therefore investigate both commercial and non-commercial exploitation of project outputs, especially with a regard to utilising the network and capacity-building efforts during the project lifetime. This work package is also responsible for activities related to generating awareness of, and disseminating information about, the project itself as well as its outcomes in terms of the stakeholders and evaluated within WP5.