AHA – ADHD Augmented

AHA (AdHd Augmented) pilot project focuses in particular on the implementation and integration of existing technologies (such as mobile apps, online literacy programme, and augmented reality development) to enhance learning for students with ADHD, assist their parents and educators during the teaching and assessment process, and investigate whether the combination of such technologies can assist students with ADHD to stay focused, make fewer mistakes, and finish assignments at school as well as homework. AHA will deliver an Augmented Reality (AR) solution for an existing online literacy programme, which integrates a set of specific technologies and supports interactive educational content, services, assessment, and feedback. Development of AHA will focus on the cooperation with academia, ADHD experts, schools, and providers of existing digital solutions that will define the framework and interoperability requirements of such a data-driven, data-intensive, and innovative digital learning ecosystem. AHA will carry out and evaluate representative pilots with students, with participating schools in Ireland based on a robust pedagogical approach using existing digital technologies. Although Ireland has been chosen as a test-bed for this pilot project, the results aim to have a real-world impact, at European level, and internationally.


AHA has received funding from the European Commission for Pilot Project: Technologies and Tools for Children and Young People with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), under Grant Agreement No. 30-CE-0885096/00-34 (ADHD2016-13).